Texas Roadhouse Menu Specials

Texas Roadhouse Menu Specials

As a Texas Roadhouse Menu Specials fan, you look forward to the special menu offerings each month brings. July 2024 will deliver some exciting options you won’t want to miss. With special burgers, seasonal sides, and desserts, Texas Roadhouse has you covered for a delicious meal to enjoy with friends this month. The bold, savory flavors of these limited-time dishes showcase the restaurant’s commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience. Be sure to mark your calendar and stop in to try these mouthwatering creations before they’re gone at the end of July. With standout taste and quality, these specials make any meal at Texas Roadhouse a cut above.

New Steak Options at Texas Roadhouse for July

Prime Rib Special

Indulge in the tender and flavorful prime rib special at Texas Roadhouse this July. Slow-roasted to perfection, this premium cut of beef is a carnivore’s dream. Savor every bite as the juices mingle with the rich marbling, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Tomahawk Longbone

Prepare to be awestruck by the Tomahawk Longbone, a true spectacle on a plate. This massive, bone-in ribeye steak is sure to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites. Expertly grilled and seasoned, it’s a testament to the art of steak craftsmanship.

Surf and Turf Combo

For those seeking the best of both worlds, the Surf and Turf Combo is a must try. Pair a succulent filet mignon with luscious grilled shrimp, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. It’s a luxurious treat you won’t want to miss.

Steak Flight

Embark on a flavorful journey with the Steak Flight, a curated selection of three distinct steak cuts. Sample the rich flavors of a tender filet, the robust taste of a ribeye, and the bold character of a strip steak, all in one indulgent platter.

Savor the new steak offerings at Texas Roadhouse Menu Specials this July, where every bite is a testament to the art of grilling and the passion for serving exceptional steaks. Whether you’re a seasoned steak connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of premium cuts, these limited time offerings are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Signature Sides Loaded Baked Potatoes and Cinnamon Apples

A Baked Potato Extravaganza

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food at Texas Roadhouse with their signature Loaded Baked Potato. This hearty side dish is a feast in itself, baked to perfection and generously topped with a medley of savory delights.

Picture a fluffy, steaming potato, its skin cracked open to reveal the pillowy insides. Smothered in a rich blend of melted cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, this potato is taken to new heights of decadence. But the indulgence doesn’t stop there it’s further adorned with crispy, smoky bacon bits and a dollop of cool sour cream.

Freshly chopped chives lend a vibrant pop of color and an aromatic punch, while the unmistakable tang of ranch dressing ties all the flavors together in perfect harmony. Whether you’re a carnivore or a vegetarian, this loaded baked potato promises to satisfy your cravings with every bite.

Cinnamon Apples A Sweet Escape

For those seeking a sweet respite, Texas Roadhouse’s Cinnamon Apples are a delightful treat that will transport your taste buds to a cozy autumn evening. Tender, juicy apple slices are sautéed to perfection, infusing them with the warm, inviting aroma of cinnamon.

Each bite unveils a delightful contrast between the soft, yielding texture of the apples and the delightful crunch of toasted pecans scattered throughout. A drizzle of rich, buttery caramel sauce adds an irresistible sweetness, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that will have you savoring every morsel.

Whether served as a standalone dessert or as a delightful accompaniment to your entrée, these Cinnamon Apples are a testament to the simple pleasures in life. Indulge in this comforting treat and let the flavors transport you to a world of sweet bliss.

Refreshing Summer Cocktails and Mocktails

Frosty Favorites

When summer’s sizzling heat sets in, there’s nothing more refreshing than an icy cold beverage. Texas Roadhouse is serving up some delightfully frosty cocktails and mocktails to help you beat the heat in style. Their Frozen Margarita and Frozen Strawberry Margarita are two timeless favorites that allow you to embrace those beachy vacation vibes.

For those looking to skip the alcohol, the Virgin Pina Colada is a tropical treat loaded with creamy coconut and pineapple flavors. It’s like a mini staycation in a glass!

Fruity Fusions

Craving something a bit fruity and fun? The Blueberry Long Island showcases a vibrant blend of vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, and sweet-tart blueberry puree. Those who prefer to sip sans spirits can indulge in the Strawberry Lemonade – a tangy-sweet masterpiece that’s equal parts nostalgic and thirst-quenching.

Bold and Bubbly

For a touch of effervescence, look no further than Texas Roadhouse’s Blackberry Bourbon Fizz. This intriguing mix of bourbon, blackberry puree, and zesty lemon lime soda is sure to delight your taste buds. And for the non drinkers, the Prickly Pear Spritzer offers a unique twist with prickly pear puree and lively bubbles.

Whether you’re kicking back after a long work week or simply seeking respite from summer’s swelter, these refreshing sippers have you covered. Stop by Texas Roadhouse and treat yourself to a taste of cool refreshment.

Lighter Entrees Grilled Chicken and Salmon

For those seeking lighter fare, Texas Roadhouse offers delicious grilled chicken and salmon entrees. These dishes provide a tasty yet healthier alternative to some of the restaurant’s heartier menu options.

Grilled Chicken

The grilled chicken entree features a juicy, marinated chicken breast grilled to perfection. It’s served with your choice of two savory homestyle sides like green beans, mashed potatoes, or a crisp house salad.

This leaner protein choice allows you to indulge without over-indulging. The grilled chicken’s simple preparation lets the natural flavors shine through for a satisfying, yet lighter meal.

Fresh Grilled Salmon

If you’re in the mood for seafood, the fresh grilled salmon is sure to delight. A succulent salmon fillet is grilled with a savory seasoning blend and finished with a zesty dill sauce.

It’s plated with two tasty sides of your choosing, like seasoned rice or grilled vegetables. The grilled salmon delivers rich omega-3s and lean protein in each flavorful bite.

Both the grilled chicken and salmon dishes allow you to enjoy a delectable Texas Roadhouse meal while keeping things on the lighter side. They prove that eating well doesn’t have to mean sacrificing great taste.

Kid’s Menu Favorites Chicken Tenders and Mini Cheeseburgers

Crunchy Chicken Tenders

For the little ones craving a classic kids’ meal, Texas Roadhouse’s chicken tenders are a surefire hit. These all-white meat chicken strips are coated in a crispy, golden brown batter that stays remarkably crunchy. Each bite delivers a satisfying crunch, revealing tender and juicy chicken within.

Served with a choice of dipping sauces like honey mustard, ranch, or barbecue, the tenders allow kids to customize their flavors. The portion size is perfect for smaller appetites, ensuring no food goes to waste.

Miniature Cheeseburger Delights

Another crowd-pleaser on the kid’s menu is the mini cheeseburgers. These pint sized burgers pack a big punch of flavor into a convenient, package. Made with 100% fresh beef patties and melted American cheese, they’re a scaled-down version of the restaurant’s famous burgers.

The soft buns hold the perfect ratio, preventing any messy crumbling. Kids can enjoy the classic burger taste without the struggle of handling an adult-sized portion. Served with a side of crispy fries, it’s a balanced meal that satisfies young palates.

Nutritious Sides and Beverages

To complement the main entrées, Texas Roadhouse offers a variety of nutritious sides for kids. Fresh apple slices, mandarin oranges, and steamed broccoli provide a healthy dose of fruits and veggies. For thirsty little ones, the restaurant serves milk, chocolate milk, and juice boxes alongside the usual soft drink options.

With these kid-friendly favorites, Texas Roadhouse ensures even the pickiest eaters find something to enjoy on the menu. The combination of classic flavors and well portioned servings makes for a delightful dining experience for the whole family.

Faqs of Texas Roadhouse Menu Specials

What are the specials for July 2024?

Texas Roadhouse is renowned for its mouthwatering steaks and ribs. However, they also offer unique monthly specials that are a delightful treat for adventurous diners. For July 2024, get ready to savor the Smoked Brisket Tacos and the Grilled Peach Salad with Candied Pecans.

How long will these specials be available?

The featured specials are only available for July 2024. So don’t miss your chance to indulge in these limited-time offerings before they’re gone!

Can I modify the special menu items?

Absolutely! The chefs at Texas Roadhouse understand that everyone has unique tastes. Feel free to customize the specials to your liking by adding extra toppings, swapping ingredients, or adjusting the spice level.

What’s in the Smoked Brisket Tacos?

These tacos are a flavor explosion! Tender smoked brisket is nestled in warm flour tortillas, topped with pico de gallo, shredded cabbage, queso fresco, and a zesty chipotle crema. Each bite is a harmonious blend of smoky, tangy, and creamy flavors.

How is the Grilled Peach Salad prepared?

This refreshing salad is a perfect summer treat. Fresh mixed greens are topped with grilled peach slices, candied pecans, crumbled feta cheese, and a tangy balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The sweet and savory combination is simply irresistible.

Are these specials available for takeout or delivery?

Yes, you can enjoy these specials from the comfort of your home. Both the Smoked Brisket Tacos and the Grilled Peach Salad are available for takeout or delivery through Texas Roadhouse’s online ordering system or your favorite food delivery app.

As we come to the end of this overview of Texas Roadhouse’s limited time menu offerings for July 2024, it’s clear there are many tempting choices for diners this month. From the savory Smokehouse Bacon Sirloin to the sweet Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake, indulging in these specials can enhance your Texas Roadhouse experience. Trying new flavors while they’re available allows you to take full advantage of what this restaurant has to offer. We hope this preview gives you ideas for your next visit to Texas Roadhouse so you can take your taste buds on an exciting and delicious adventure. With mouthwatering options like these, every meal at Texas Roadhouse is sure to satisfy.

Texas Roadhouse Menu Specials

Category Special Description Price Range
Appetizers Cactus Blossom Deep-fried onion served with a Cajun horseradish sauce. $5.99 – $7.99
Rattlesnake Bites Diced jalapeños and jack cheese, hand-battered and lightly fried. $5.99 – $6.99
Salads Grilled Chicken Salad Fresh greens, grilled chicken, jack cheese, egg, tomato, bacon, red onions, and croutons. $9.99 – $11.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Crisp romaine, grilled chicken, made-from-scratch croutons, and Caesar dressing. $9.99 – $11.99
Hand-Cut Steaks USDA Choice Sirloin Available in 6 oz., 8 oz., 11 oz., and 16 oz. $10.99 – $19.99
Ft. Worth Ribeye Available in 10 oz., 12 oz., and 16 oz. $14.99 – $20.99
Dallas Filet Most tender steak that melts in your mouth, available in 6 oz. and 8 oz. $16.99 – $22.99
Chicken Specialties Country Fried Chicken Tender, marinated chicken breast, hand-battered, golden-fried, and topped with cream gravy. $10.99 – $12.99
Grilled BBQ Chicken Marinated 1/2 lb. breast basted in BBQ sauce. $9.99 – $11.99
Ribs & Combos Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs Award-winning ribs are slow cooked with a unique blend of seasonings and our signature BBQ sauce. $15.99 – $19.99
Sirloin & Ribs Combo 6 oz. sirloin with ribs. $18.99 – $21.99
Seafood Grilled Salmon A fillet salmon steak grilled moist and tender, topped with our special lemon pepper butter. $13.99 – $15.99
Fried Catfish U.S. farm-raised catfish, breaded in southern cornmeal and deep-fried, served with Creole mustard. $11.99 – $13.99
Country Dinners Pulled Pork Dinner Tender, slow-cooked pork covered in our signature BBQ sauce. $10.99 – $12.99
Country Fried Sirloin Hand-battered, fresh-cut sirloin served crispy and golden, topped with cream gravy. $10.99 – $12.99
Burgers & Sandwiches All-American Cheeseburger Topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. $8.99 – $10.99
Pulled Pork Sandwich Tender, slow-cooked pork covered in our signature BBQ sauce. $8.99 – $9.99
Kids & Ranger Meals Jr. Chicken Tenders All-white meat chicken breaded and fried. $4.99 – $5.99
Lil’ Dillo Steak Bites Grilled steak pieces for younger steak lovers. $4.99 – $5.99
Desserts Granny’s Apple Classic Sliced apples, cinnamon, caramel, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. $5.99 – $6.99
Strawberry Cheesecake Classic New York-style cheesecake with strawberry sauce. $5.99 – $6.99
Sides Baked Potato A large baked potato with butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits. $2.99 – $3.99
Seasoned Rice Flavorful rice seasoned with Texas Roadhouse spices. $2.99 – $3.99
Fresh Vegetables Steamed vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. $2.99 – $3.99

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