Texas Roadhouse Takeout Menu with Prices

Texas Roadhouse Takeout Menu with Prices

If you’re craving a hearty, flavorful meal but prefer to dine at home, Texas Roadhouse Takeout Menu with Prices has got you covered. Their takeout menu offers an array of mouth-watering options that bring the same restaurant-quality experience right to your doorstep. This article dives into the tantalizing details of the Texas Roadhouse takeout menu, complete with prices, to help you make an informed and exciting choice for your next meal.

Starters A Delicious Beginning

Kickstart your meal with some of Texas Roadhouse’s irresistible starters. These appetizers are perfect for sharing or enjoying on your own.

Cactus Blossom

A true Texas favorite, the Cactus Blossom is a golden-fried onion bursting with flavor. Served with a zesty Cajun horseradish sauce, it’s a fantastic way to start your meal. Price: $8.99

Rattlesnake Bites

These are bite-sized, spicy delights made with diced jalapenos and jack cheese, then deep-fried to perfection. Price: $7.99

Fried Pickles

Crunchy and tangy, these hand-battered and fried pickles are a unique treat. Price: $6.99

Tater Skins

Loaded with cheese and bacon, these potato skins are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Price: $8.99

Savory Salads and Soups

For a lighter but equally satisfying option, Texas Roadhouse offers a range of fresh salads and hearty soups.

House Salad

A refreshing mix of greens, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and eggs, served with your choice of dressing. Price: $4.99

Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing with Parmesan cheese and croutons. Price: $5.99

Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken breast served on a bed of fresh greens, with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and eggs. Price: $11.99

Steakhouse Filet Salad

Strips of filet mignon on a bed of greens with Italian dressing, tomatoes, and croutons. Price: $14.99

Texas Red Chili

A robust, beefy chili topped with cheese and onions. Price: $5.99

Hand-Cut Steaks The Heart of Texas Roadhouse

The hand-cut steaks are the pride of Texas Roadhouse, offering a taste experience like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular items on the Texas Roadhouse takeout menu?

Popular items include the Cactus Blossom, Dallas Filet, and the Full Slab of Ribs.

Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse offers a variety of salads and sides that can accommodate vegetarian preferences.

Do they offer family meal deals?

Some locations offer family meal deals. It’s best to check with your local Texas Roadhouse for specific offerings.

Can I order Texas Roadhouse takeout online?

Yes, many Texas Roadhouse locations offer online ordering through their website or via third-party delivery apps.

What are the typical hours for Texas Roadhouse takeout?

Takeout hours usually mirror the restaurant’s dine-in hours, typically from late morning to evening. Check your local Texas Roadhouse for specific times.

The Texas Roadhouse takeout menu offers a fantastic array of options that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for a succulent steak, savory ribs, or a fresh salad, there’s something for everyone. The prices are reasonable, and the quality is top-notch, making it a great choice for dining at home. So why wait? Treat yourself to the deliciousness of Texas Roadhouse today!

Texas Roadhouse Takeout Menu with Prices

Category Item Description Price
Starters Cactus Blossom Hand-battered, fried onion with Cajun sauce $8.99
Rattlesnake Bites Diced jalapenos and jack cheese, fried $7.99
Fried Pickles Dill pickles, hand-battered and fried $6.99
Tater Skins Potato skins topped with cheese and bacon $8.99
Salads & Soups House Salad Fresh greens, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, eggs $4.99
Caesar Salad Romaine, Caesar dressing, Parmesan, croutons $5.99
Grilled Chicken Salad Chicken, greens, cheddar, tomatoes, eggs $11.99
Steakhouse Filet Salad Filet strips, greens, Italian dressing $14.99
Texas Red Chili Traditional beef chili topped with cheese $5.99
Hand-Cut Steaks USDA Choice Sirloin 6 oz or 8 oz, seasoned and grilled $14.99+
Ft. Worth Ribeye 10 oz or 12 oz, marbled for flavor $19.99+
Dallas Filet 6 oz or 8 oz, most tender cut $22.99+
New York Strip 12 oz, full of flavor $21.99
Prime Rib 10 oz or 12 oz, slow-cooked $18.99+
Bone-In Ribeye 20 oz, juicy and flavorful $28.99
Porterhouse T-Bone 23 oz, NY Strip and Filet combination $26.99
Chicken Specialties Grilled BBQ Chicken Marinated chicken breast with BBQ sauce $13.99
Country Fried Chicken Hand-battered chicken, country gravy $12.99
Chicken Critters® Hand-battered chicken strips, ranch dip $11.99
BBQ Roasted Half Chicken Slow-cooked, brushed with BBQ sauce $14.99
Ribs Half Slab Slow-cooked, tender ribs $15.99
Full Slab More of our famous ribs $19.99
Combos Dallas Filet & BBQ Shrimp 6 oz filet, grilled shrimp $25.99
BBQ Chicken & Ribs Grilled BBQ chicken, half slab ribs $21.99

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